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Laser Hair Removal with Alma® Soprano Ice

Soprano Ice is the most complete and effective laser hair removal solution available today. By combining the benefits of the Alexandrite wavelength with the advantages of a diode laser, Soprano Ice offers cutting edge technology and treatment methods that provide fast, safe and effective laser hair removal.

Ideal Candidates

The ideal patient for the Soprano Ice procedure is someone with dark hair growth who is unhappy with appearance of the hair and is seeking a long-term, simple solution. Excessive hair growth may be caused by a number of different reasons including puberty, pregnancy, menopause, heredity, medication or disease. Other patients with normal hair growth, who are tired of constantly shaving, waxing or tweezing their unwanted hair will benefit from this procedure as well.


During the procedure, energy is delivered through a handheld device that delivers an intense beam of light which is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat. The heat damages the hair follicle in the active growth stage. As hair grows in 6 week cycles, we recommend that you will need to have approximately 6-8 treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart. Treatment is virtually painless and there is no down time, allowing you to return to normal activities immediately. The length of the procedure can range from just a few minutes up to an hour, depending on the size of the treated area. Once treated, hair will shed within one to three weeks after treatment.

Recovery and Results

After the procedure, patients may experience redness and minor swelling in the treated area, but this will reduce over 24 hours. There is no down time and you can return to normal activities immediately.

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